Description Of Craft Works
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Fitness Wear has been in business for 30 years. Our company has deep roots in screen printing and embroidery that trail way back. Our story reflects Fitness Wear’s mission to inspire hard work and accomplishment.


Roadsunshine is Chinese designed activewear that embodies versatile and timeless pieces. It has introduced into up-to-date production facilities and needles machine from home and abroad and employed many senior professors with rich experience in stitching wear. Our garments are crafted with Hugo fabric and Goreal  to ensure all our pieces are effortless and feel like a second skin.



Specializing in seamless technology and working with soft natural fibres, our activewear is constructed with unique six way stretch to provide a supported fit with ultimate comfort. 

Such as weave, sublimation, mesh, pintuck, texture and laser cut. Our garments are lightweight and sweat wicking providing you the confidence to reach your fitness goals.


Our products were meant to make you look good, perform better and most importantly feel great. Just Live is so much more than just a brand. It’s a way of life. It’s an attitude. Life is an amazing thing. It’s meant to make the most of. Simply stated you get one chance at it.


So get out there, appreciate the little things, hug your loved ones a little bit longer, try not to stress over things can’t control over and most importantly, In the sunshine road.



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