2017 Active Wear Fair In Melbourne
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Roadsunshine is Chinese designed activewear that embodies versatile and timeless pieces who has experienced over 10 years in Sportswear. With professional design team to create the outfits needed to help people unlock their full, incredible potential  and make their dream reality.


Day 1 of the fair and we are excited to waiting for the customers to visit our booth . A great deal of buyers had come to our booth and had a business conversation with us. Increasing number of clients want to establish cooperation relationship with us and most of them introduced their vision and prospect of business development. It’s a golden opportunity to develop more clients and acquire more business sources.

Each of us had obtained lots of experience in the fair, which is include business negotiation and market research. We started to set up a workshop, aim to sum up experience and lessons. Everyone had been sharing a mass of ideas and advise in the fair.

For Foreign trade sales to play a more effective role in international business negotiations, they must put forth more effort to improve cross-cultural understanding.


We had an amazing time in Sydney. Everything about the city from its food, shopping, people, and buildings was just perfect. Here are some visuals from our recent trip filled with memories to last a lifetime. Everything just really great here . We enjoy a lot .

Roadsunshine is living it in every way we can, so what we share with you comes from a place that’s real.  For more info please visit our web.



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