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All You Want To Know About Crack Printing

What is Crack Printing?

Crack printing is a popular clothing printing method  that involves creating a cracked or aged effect on the fabric. It is commonly used to make t-shirts, shorts and other leisure wear. It is qutie similar to the common printing process but additional crack paste is needed to use before applying printing dye by the screen printer on the fabric like spandex, nylon or polyester. Roadsunshine is good at the process of various clothing printing method.


Crack printing is a popular clothing technique that involves creating a cracked or aged effect on the fabric. If you are interested in this technique that make your products have crack printed clothing, Roadsunshine have a step-by-step guide and solution to help you get started quickly.

All You Want To Know About Crack Printing 1

The production method of crack printing is to use a special crack paste to print on the fabric through screen printing, and produce a natural irregular crack effect after drying. This paste shrinks with heat and it will become harden and crack, which will form after drying. The final appearance  of crack printing mimics the effect of natural mottling, suitable for vintage pattern presentation, combined with washing to do old style clothing effect is better.


One of the advantages of crack printing is that it is durable and long-lasting. The dye is embedded into the fabric, which means that it won't fade or peel off easily. This makes it ideal for clothing that will be worn frequently or washed often.


Crack printing is also versatile, so that it can be used to create a wide range of designs. In Roadsunshine, It can be used to create old or retro designs, as well as more modern and edgy designs. The clothing method can also be combined with other printing techniques, such as high-density printing or digital printing, to create even more unique and interesting designs.

All You Want To Know About Crack Printing 2

If you are interested in creating crack printed clothing for your own brand, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that you choose a high-quality crack paste that is designed for crack printing. Second, be sure to experiment with different designs and colors to create the perfect look for your clothing like yoga wear, legging, shorts.


In conclusion, crack printing is a unique and versatile clothing method that is perfect for creating eye-catching designs. Whether you are looking to create retro or modern clothing, crack printing is a great option that is sure to impress.

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